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The site-related art is drawn by Cake~
Screenshots + Game official art by NCsoft♥

Guess what, people :D ??? I'm going to soon transfer this website to a new sexy place <3 and make it even nicer. My new site will be ENDGAME.PK and will have not only aion content but also some content from other PvP games i like ♥
By the way, if you are wondering why the site was down for a couple hours the other day, it was because some pussy tried to report me and say that I have adult content on my site, because I talk about rape. Fortunately for her, she has no idea that the ucoz admins are russians and probably dont even understand what she wrote :P THey just forwarded her email to me. This is the email:

Guess what? My stuff is still up here. The entire thread from aion forums, that was deleted, is still here. Want something REAL to cry about, bitch? go to and look at the animated GIFs they have of people having their skulls crushed. Now THAT is some messed up shit. Be grateful that I'm a nice girl and as far as i'll go is to talk about rape in computer games.
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Yay! We're level 6!!  :D  ... and we have met the goal (62 million contribution) we set before, to have enough AP to hit level 8 when the time comes. We shall be level 7 soon, as well if we keep doing argent manor like usual. Here's a pic of the legion wings we will get.... motivation!! lol

The next goal is to get up on the legion top 50 rankings.

This is our current status:

62m/90m AP = 69%

level 1
level 2
level 3
level 4
level 5
level 6 :: 50/50 mil
level 7 :: 0/75 mil
level 8 :: 0/100 mil
. ♪♬ 
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All I did was quote a law from the US state that I live in (where rape is defined as something only a man can do)
 ... and I got an infraction and a possible forum ban.

Like, for real. If u want to see what caused this drama, read it [here].
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>_<; all the other timesheets I've seen for aion have some mistakes, and none of them include the new rifting times. Here is a perfect one I've created for cake~

Click the small image to see full view.

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The furniture database has been updated to 4.0 !! The missing sections from before, have also been added. Click [here] to see it all! Click on the section buttons and then scroll down to see all of the furniture.


If anybody is on the israphel server (elyos or asmo doesn't matter) and has the new "solorius FUNCTIONAL furniture pack" or the "eastern display furniture pack", please make a comment (you dont need to register to make comments) and tell me your house location so i can visit!! <3 I want to see these new items.

Here is a preview of the new 4.0 furniture!! Be sure to look at the furniture databaase to see even more.

Also, I have added two new housing related guides. One is a list of all the furniture pain, and the other is a shugo nomad + seasonal agrint guide.

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With the new patch in effect, here is the new schedule for things legion members can join up and do together :Ð

Time of Day (cst)Legion Events
12 noonDredge
1 pm
2 pm
3 pmSiege - join marmalade's group to get 3k extra AP!

Jotun Daily - right after siege! get mithrils and AP
4 pmEsoterrace + Upper forts (join one of our legion statics!)

 Remember that roah & asteria give out AP to level 60s now. Get a friend to duo it with for 20k AP each~!!
5 pm
6 pm
7 pmSiege - join marmalade's group to get 3k extra AP!

Kahrun dailies & Weeklies - right after siege! Join the group to get 250 kahrun coins and 3k AP. Takes 15 minutes to do.
8 pmHexway - join our static! Got slots for extra people :3

Dredgion right after hexway~

Don't forget to do crucible, too~~
9 pmTiamat Stronghold // Argent manor // Elementis Forest // Muada's trencher - On most days of the week, there is a legion run for one of these instances.
10 pm
11 pmSiege - join marmalade's group to get 3k extra AP!
12 pmDredge :Ð

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A new game guide has been added! This is a translation from the korean powerbook. It's a list of every single level 60 guard location~ enjoy~ Now it'll be easier to farm those major ancient crowns :3

Here is a link to the guide itself!

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