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I have lots of fun arguments on the internet.
I think I'll start screenshotting them and make a compilation :D

Here is the latest, most hilarious argument I've ever had, so far. Some random girl posted the following,
saying how whenever people say "haha you got raped in pvp" she feels really hurt, imagines rape happening
everywhere, and thinks that everyone needs to tiptoe around everyone else's feelings.... lol.

And she's like, totally serious XD ...! It's so funny. I'd love to see this girl flip a shit on some REAL
CoD trolling. I once heard a guy on there say "You're retarded because when you were still a fetus
inside your mother, her pussy got SO WIDE coz she was always getting fucked by so many guys, that

Now, THAT is some good shit to shed a tear over. Not this "haha I raped you on my assassin" stuff.
Here is this bitch's initial post on the forums:

Here is my take on this whole thing. Aion is a game about death, killing, and eternal war. What's worse?
Rape? Or murder? I think if people had to choose between being killed, or getting raped but staying alive,
although both choices are bad, I think death is a lot worse than rape.

Yet here we are, playing a game about death and giving a bright, funny, and competitive side to death.
If people can make death be fun, then they can make rape be fun too. Rape and death in a computer game
is not like death and rape in real life. People need to stop bitching about it.

Here is what normal people like me and my friends/legionmates think of this bullshit:

Anyways, after there was a huge discussion about this one the forums, a GM PMed me and called me a rapist. O_O...
She also gave me an infraction for quoting a US law, saying I am showing off that I am a rapist and I am bragging
about how I can get away with it.

The entire thread is fucking hilarious. I am posting under the name "requiem".
Here are just some of the most entertaining posts:

Lmao that post above makes me feel like he puked up rainbows and butterflies all over me ...

...anyways...continuing on...

Want more idiocy? Read the whole thing here:

>page 1
>page 2
>page 3
>page 4
>page 5
>page 6
>page 7
>page 8
>page 9

....because who needs christian friends anyways? :D

Speaking of terrible facebook friends, there were some girls in my high school's anime club who I used to be friends with.
They all used to be my size (like 110-120ish pounds) before, or even smaller. And then yesterday I spot THIS on facebook:

.. the hell?! That's how they are now, after 2 years of college. If it's one thing that I think makes a person become ugly
the fastest, it's turning into a walrus, like they all did. Becoming fat like all the other americans.. GG. Hope they
unfriended me -____-. I think "60 pounds" is a kind understatemtnt. They're all well on their way to turning into one of these
sea slugs lol:

So, one day, I was browsing my facebook wall, which is so full of hundreds of completely random people
that I have no recollection of friending, when I stumble upon a gemstone of a photo - an antire family of
your typical fat americans, not a single one of them below 300 pounds, pigging out on mcdonalds food,
with the caption saying something along the lines of "friday family outing yay :)"
Being the wonderfully horrible person that I am, I couldn't help but make a nasty joke about americans,
double chins, and heart disease.

But what I didn't excpect was that their ENTIRE family would start to message me a half a month later about this shit o.o
One lady in particular was pretty darn funny. Here are some of the best posts:

more coming soon XD

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