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Chapter 1: The world was covered with corruption~

The world was originally full of men and beasts, and everyone mingled
together. It was beautiful and everyone lived in harmony.
But one day, fel energy and demons entered the world and the chaos
began. The world was covered by darkness, the sea full of whirlpools,
the earth cracked, and the mountains dried and froze. Monsters became
horrifying, and the people and animals went evil and wild.
Martial artists of demonic nature used the corrupt energy to make
themselves incredibly powerful. Those that mastered this art began to
fill the world with blood.

The heavens could not stand idle any longer. The holy beings within the
heavens called upon the martial artists of the world and delivered them a
prophecy. Those who were bestowed with this prophecy took part in battling
the demons and their emperor, driving them back into their own realm and
sealing them away.

Chapter 2: The Country of Woon and Poong-Je ~

When story became legend, and legend became myth, the world was divided
into two. One side was the historical nation of Woon that possessed
thousands of years of history within its borders. The other was the new
military nation of Poong-Je.

The nation of Woon was strong, and was once united until a tyrant emperor
gained power. The nation's people cried out, and their cries were heard by
General Goon Ma-Yum. He led a rebellion against the emperor and raised
the nation of Poong-Je in the Eastern Lands. The people now behind the
secure border of Poong-Je sharpen their blades and their minds, waiting for
the day to take vengeance on their tyrant emperor.

Meanwhile, in the western lands, the once gone corruption has returned.
The corruption swept across the land like a devastating plague, destroying
all living things. Once passed, everything was either dead or turned into a
demonic servant. The lands were given a new name, Suh-Rak, meaning
"Western Despair." The corruption quickly destroyed the northern lands
as well and is now working its way to the southern nation of Woon and
the Eastern nation of Poong-Je.

Chapter 3: Distress of the People

The people on Joong-Won, the world of Blade & Soul, were living a difficult
and harsh life. The war and bitterness between the nations of Woon and
Poong-Je brought forth destruction to much of the land they once held dear.
Farms and villages were destroyed, reduced to ash and rubble.

The tyranny of the emperor and the arrogance of the army became worse
with each passing day. To add to the chaos, bandits and other violent groups
became much more active, taking advantage of the confusion and lack of order.

Chapter 4: The Lawful League and the Hon-Chun Cult

To help the people and to protect the world they love, martial artists who
were on the lawful side took part in efforts to bring order back to the world.
However, these efforts were not enough to bring peace and order back to a
world lost in chaos. The lawful schools and martial artists put aside their own
needs and desires and formed The Lawful League. Once this league was
founded, the chaotic felt threatened and feared this league would be gaining
too much power.

Then came the Hon-Chun Cult. This cult hid in darkness for many years,
believing that there would soon come a day when everyone is equal. This
cult received strong support from the people and gradually began to gather
an army under its banner. These two great powers could never co-exist, and
their hostility towards each other soon found itself on the battle field. The
world had now become even more violent as these two factions struggled
for dominance over the other.

Chapter 5: The Appearance of Jin Suh-Yeon

During this harsh period, a woman dressed in black stood in the middle of a
bamboo shore village, staring up at a mountain peak. A small message bird arrived.
"I've changed the medicine this morning. You must deliver the Hong-Moon Martial Arts
book. I'll be waiting." The bird was on her shoulder as she read the message, there
was no emotion on her face. It was as if everything was planned and without hesitation,
she gathered her comrades and set out.

Yuran and Guh-Guh-Boong wiped the blood from their weapons and prepared to follow her.
Around them, bodies of the local militia that were unfortunate enough to have encountered
them lay everywhere. The woman in black clothing was Jin Suh-Yeon. Wherever she goes, there
is the appearance of black Chi, followed by a pile of corpses, just like the martial artist
who mastered the way of Corrupted Chi long ago.

She traveled to the most southern part of the land of the bamboo village. She then stared
at the Mountain Peak once more as if that was the end of her travels. She then disappeared,
only leaving a trace of black smoke and the messenger bird flying away. The students of the
Hong-Moon school were well hidden from civilization, and trained hard under the care of their
masters, leading relatively simple and happy lives. However, as if the heavens knew about the
arrival of Jih Suh-Yeon, black clouds began to gather around the school. Then came the rain.

This was done thanks to the original lore and art on the Korean B&S website
and thanks to the translations in the B&S Dojo Wiki ♥ yay!

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