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The Best Gear: How-to

There are several PvP and PvE sets that are worth getting when you're at 60. Some people like to collect as many sets as they can and scoket them with different things. And some people just choose 1 or 2 sets and stick with them. (As for me, I like to collect... I have an MR set, an MA set, an MB set, a Block set, an HP set, and a Flight Time set lol.) However, whatever path you choose, it's always best to get these "best of the best" sets. For example, it's very silly to get a lvl 55 tier 1 crucible set, when you can get a lvl 60 tier 2 set with just a couple more days of patience and fun arena PvP. You will end up saving time,energy, kinah, and materials, and will also end up in the best PvP or PvE gear possible as opposed to something to "hold you off" before you start working, all over again, for a better set.

This set is a very very easy PvP set to get, with really interesting bonus stats, such as superior MA and lots of silence penetration. Each piece has 5 slots, and you can spend a bit of extra kinah to "condition" it and get even more bonus PvP defense and other stats.
To get this set, all you have to do is do crucible every day. THe crucible becomes available as soon as you hit level 46, in the area that you get to by clicking the gold teleport statue in pandaemonium/sanctum. Firstly, do the solo crucible and then do the group (350 crucifail) crucible every time, and finally, I reccomend doing the 10-ffa pvp crucible. It gives more insignias then the 1v1 crucible, and it's also easier to get really high rank even if you arent geared, just by PvE-ing a lot. Make sure you get the level 60 set (not the level 55 set) and the Tier 2 conditioning items (not the Tier 1) because they are so easy to get with just dailies that take 15 minutes to do, every day. All you need is time and patience, you dont even need effort!

This is the best PvP set, with each piece at 6 slots each, and plenty of really important basic stats such as Magic Suppression, but no wierd/interesting stats. Athought it's a bit harder to get than the crucible PvP set, it's better. And you can use AP on the items to condition them to have even more bonus stats. You have to be rank 1 in order to wear this set, but in my opinion that's a great idea because it engourages everyone to be rank 1, which gives everyone good AP during PvP. (It's better than having everyone be rank 9 and have PvP be less rewarding!)
To get this set, you have to earn two things: AP, and Mithril Medals. They are much easier to earn than people think, and here is how to do it.
1. Do dailies/weeklies that give out AP and Mithrils. There is a very detailed list of these quests available [here]. They're all very easy and are fun to do with friends~
2. Look for AP boxes and keys! The keys drop off of random mobs in Tiamaranta's eye and [here] is a list of all the AP box spawn locations to help you hunt.
3. PvP! This is best done in groups of 2 or 3 for you to get the biggest AP amounts while at the same time not zerging and not getting overpowered too easily. If you think that the eye is getting too full of people, always rememeber that theres other places to PvP! Try looking for people in the Jotun area in Sarpan, inside the Gurriki/Lake quest areas, at the AP turn-in in the Abyss, and near instance enterances in Ingisson, Abyss, and Tiamaranta.
4. Do 2 or 3 man Esoterrace. This is a lvl 50+ instance in Ingisson/Gelkmaros. You have to own at least one of your forts, to be able to go inside. (The enterance is inside the ingisson or gelkmaros fort that is owned by you.) It's very fast (takes 45 minutes for most people with practice) and gives LOTS of AP (like, 30k each person, per run). I reccomend going inside and training all the monsters until you reach the place behind the tree boss. Skip the tree boss coz it gives crap for AP and is super annoying. You can kill the 3 monsters required to open the door to boss 2 and train the rest and reset them. Then kill bosses 2 and 3. You could also buy reset scrolls for this instance to do it twice a day, if you're really AP-hungry. The best group setups in my opinion, for this, is cleric + a magic class   or chanter + a melee class. For some people, like gladiators or templars or rangers, it might be better and easier to go with a 3man group until they're super geared, however.
5. Some other instances you could do for AP are upper forts (if you have one) and the Satra Treasure Hoard, located in Tiamaranta's eye. Upper forts can be 2 manned just like eso, but as for satra, you can 6man it on hard mode for extra AP and Mithril medals.
6. To get an even bigger boost in daily AP and medas, go to siege in Tiamaranta. It's usually very relaxing - all you have to do is DPS the boss until it dies. If you get caught up in AoEs of the boss often, however, go with a healer friend in a group. However,  when the boss is almost dead, make sure the group gets disbanded - this way all of the group members will get extra AP (because of some stupid game mechanic :c ...). However, you can also make an alliance and not disband it, if you want to take a fort with an entire legion and have everyone be guaranteed a mithril medal! If you go alone, you have to be one of the top 3 DPS in your class in order to recieve a mithril medal. But you always gets lots and lots of free AP!! If you get a Platinum Medal instead of a Mithril, you can drop that medal into the fountain in Tiamaranta's main town to try your luck and turn it into a Mithril medal. Or, for a much better chance at a Mithril,  go buy a "balaur serum" item from the AP consumables distributor (costs 1,500 ap) and go to the fountain inside the big cave near the Eye enterance, and drop your platinum medal inside of there.
7. And dont forget dredgion! You can do this three times a day for lots and lots of AP!

This is the absolute best PvE set out so far. It includes lots of bonus stats and inordinately large amounts of HP. If your character has near 400 gathering and near 500 in any crafting skill, the rest of the quest to obtain this is very very easy, but time-consuming. [Here] is a very detailed guide on exactly how to get this set!

This is one of the best PvE sets, and is something that is very very easy to get if you dont want to do the long quests for the level 60 daeva set. All that you need to do in order to get this set is around 6 daily quests for Karhun Coins. You can use those coins to first buy the blue set, then upgrade it to gold, and finally to eternal and you wont lose any coins in the process, or have to spend extra ones. The 6 daily quests are described in detail [here] and there are some additional bonus quests described as well. Once you have enough marks for a piece, you simply purchase the armour from the NPC. To upgrade the gear, speak to a nearby NPC, choose the piece you want to upgrade to, then drag and drop your old piece into the window for upgrading. These are great sets to make into DPS sets.

This set has almost exactly the same stats as the Eternal Kahrun set. If you enjoy doing isntances rahter than doing dailies, you should get this! It can be obtained by doing the 12-man Elementis Forest and Argent Manor instances.

The following armour sets are a bit ... different. They are also amazingly good, but they arent in my 'best of the best' category for small reasons such as level and bonus stats. They have interesting specialties.

The level 60 balic armour has good basic stats and 6 slots per armour piece, but the bonus stats are very... strange. For example, instead of HP you have Physical Defense. The level 55 version of this has perfect amazing stats, with heaps upon heaps of damage-boosting and HP-boosting stats, but alas, it's level 55 and not 60, which takes away lots of the awesomeness. However, both of these sets are still some of the best out there, and are interesting to craft. SO if you enjoy crafting more than PvE and PvP, this is your set!

This was one of the top 3 PvE sets back when level cap was still 55. Now, it's still reasy to get (do crucible every day) and has really nice stats. But the reason im mentioning this set is because its just SO. PRETTY. omg ): ... get this set if you like pretty dresses for your toon.

The best accessories are the PvP accessories because of the sheer amount of stats and bonuses they have. They are the best in PvE and obviuosly a must if you PvP. These accessories are the eternal level 60 pvp rings, necklace, belt, and earrings. As for the hat, you can coose to save mithril medals and get the equally amazing tier 2 level 60 PvP crucible hat. Another way to save on AP/medals is by getting the PvP eternal belt that drops in lvl 56-60 dedgion. The belt for magic users drops from a rare boss in Barracks and the belt for Physical damage users drops from a rare boss in Gravity. Some people complain about a lack of MB on the accessories, but that actually is good because they substitute hugeeee amounts of MA instead. This way, you could stack full MB on a set, and still have great MA and be able to hit almost anything, if you happen to be a magic-using class.

Remember, to get these accessories, all you have to do is
1. Remember to do your solo crucible, your 350-insignia crucifail, and your PvP arena each day.
2. Do the dailies for Mithril Medals and AP that are outlined in the "dailies" section of the game guides.
3. For an extra boost in AP, do dredgions, 2 or 3man esoterrace, PvP with a friend, or the Satra instance.
4. Go to siege in Tiamaranta. These sieges are usually relaxing and all you need to do is DPS.

Overall, it just takes some time and patience. Remember that this is a game, and make sure u actually ~enjoy~ doing those little dailies with friends, PvPing, and PvEing in instances. Dont force yourself to do something that you dont find fun o:  ~!

And finally, before I describe what's good for each of the seperate classes, I will speak of the best weapons in the game. Some things I will not be mentioning in this list are the weapons that Berserker Sunayaka and Tatar drop. They are world bosses that I dont really care about. Sometimes its fun to pvp the people who are trying to kill those bosses, but the actual drops arent that sexy. Sunayaka drops eternal weapons with high stats, but you can get better stats from the weapons mentioned below. Tatar drops some gold weapons that some people say are nice combines on the bottom because of the attack speed, but I've had attack speed combines for my mages' weapons before and I think I'd rather have superior MA, MB, crit, and HP than attack speed. Fights in Aion are very RNG-based, and its not gonna be that 1 extra second that attack speed gives over a long period of time that will win a fight - it's gonna be a lucky proc, lucky crit, or a lucky land of a skill.

This is the classical PvP weapon with the best stats ever, pretty much. You use a bit of AP (around 10k) to condition it and make the stats even more amazing. Note that you cant combine AP conditioning weapons with Crucible Conditioning weapons.
Most classes will need these weapons if they like to PvP.

These weapons have the absolute best base attack and base MB in the game, and they always have 6 slots. However, not all of these weapons have the best bonus stats.

Not only do these weapons have decent base stats and decent bonus stats, they are really easy to get just by doing dailies. And what's even nicer is that you dont have to wait ages to get a weapons - you can buy the blue version, upgrade it to gold, and then upgrade it to eternal, and lose absolutely no kahrun marks in the process.

If you like to do instances with a group instead of dailies, you can get this weapon instead of a kahrun weapon. It drops from the final boss in rentus base, and the stats are very similar to kahrun weapons.

When the 3.5 patch hits in around november, you will be able to get these gold extendable weapons from the boss named Tiamat in a new instance called "dragon lord's sanctuary". They are very good for chanters, gladiators, and templars in PvP since they let you hit people from 7 meters away.

The base magic boost and attack on these weapons are the same as that of the 60 balic - they are the best in the game. The bonus  stats are also usually better than that of 60 balic, but these weapons usually have only 5 slots. They will be available from Tiamat in the Dragon Lord's Sanctuary instance in patch 3.5~
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