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Main » 2012 » November » 13 » Potatoes are my new favorite vegetable o:
9:27 AM
Potatoes are my new favorite vegetable o:
I have discovered a new food for hungry and broke college students.   .. potatoes! :D

Hahahaa~~ Ohmy gosh.. they are so cheap o_o .. 50 cents each at giant, and a dollar each at whole foods if u want organic ones or something (...for you wierd people). But one potato makes a decent meal! Especially for a tiny girl like me XD. If you live in DC, it's very tempting to spend 10 dollars for every meal. But that is just insane! Don't do it unless you're going out somewhere special with friends.

They are also very easy to make. My favorite and easiest way is to bake them.
1. Take your potato and wash it and scrub it. Make sure the skin's clean, because you're gonna end up eating some of it. It has lots of nutrients in it, anyways.
2. Take a cookie sheet or some sort of container you can put in the oven, and put the potato in it. Cover the potato with oil and salt and rub it in.
3. Put this into the oven, and turn the oven to 370 degrees.
4. Ignore the potato for 2 hours. Go play a computer game or something.
5. Come back to your potato in the oven and turn the oven off and take out your potato in its container. (it's hot. use oven gloves or a towel or something. dont be stupid lol)

And now you eat that bitch! Cut it open and mash up the insides with a fork and put butter on them and mash them some more :D

And then put salt and pepper on it, scoop it out, and eat!

Finally, you can fold up the skin and eat it too - it tastes like crispy home fries.
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1 rivkah/red   (2012-11-22 3:19 AM)
you can put cheese and sour cream and bacon pieces on it afterwards and its even moar nomalicious.

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