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Main » 2012 » December » 16 » Modifying aion screenshots - glowy weapons!
5:07 AM
Modifying aion screenshots - glowy weapons!
My friends found an interesting website [click me] that draws fancy wispy lines on your screen. I decided to screw around with the idea, and use the pretty lines it generates, to make weapons look more glowy ... like this! :3

Anyone want to have a screenshot edited to have pretty glowy-ness? XD .. post a link to your screenshot, in the comment section below, and i'll do it for u~ i'm bored XD
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1 Delizzzi   (2012-12-27 7:04 AM)
Hey cake by any chance dont u have a fixed functional Table Jump or Simonerk Says script mine got broken and cant figure out how to fix them

ill glady pay some kinah for a little help ^^

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