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9:23 PM
For ♥ GMs

Sorry, had to upload this up here since twitter only allows 160 characters-ish of text ):

Dear GMs of Aion NA. I was working on this idea for a while, And I hope you take a minute or two to read it.
I know it's really annoying for you guys to ban hundreds of new gold spammers every single day, and
it would be completely impossible to waste all your time to instablocking gold spammers every time
they pop up in chat. Not only are they annoying and ruin the sanctity of LFG chat, but they actually encourage 
people to buy gold! ):

So I've devised a new scheme that would get rid of 95% of the gold spammers in a single hit. I know
that North American Aion GMs have very limited amount of things that they can do without having Korea do the
coding and give permission, but I know that you guys can put up new NPCs, give event quests, and block
people from LFG completely. Putting those things together, my idea would go a little something like this:

When all NEW accounts start out, they will have LFG chat completely disabled (just like now - you can't speak
in it unless you're level 10+ ). To enable it, the owners of the new accounts will have to do a special quest
that proves they are human and not a bot. The quest is doable once per your entire account.

Once a real human finishes the quest, all of their characters will be able to speak freely in LFG.
However, to counteract the fact that a gold spammer might do the quest once and re-create a hundred
toons to spam in LFG with, this will be a long chain quest that will take several days to complete,
for the average person. To make sure that new players that just started to play Aion will not be
deterred from doing this long quest, there will be rewards to help a completely new player level,
such as mana potions, run scrolls, and enchantment stones, just like in the surveys. (In fact, you
could probably take out the surveys completely and put survey rewards into World Chat Quest rewards.)

To make sure new players arent just wasting time doing the long chain quest, it will teach them, along
with the Aterian Atlas, how to do basic functions in game. You would not be able to bot any of the quest
missions. They all require a human brain to do the tasks. In fact, most of the quests in the chain will
be identical to the Atlas quests, to encourage people to use the Atreian Atlas. Here are some of my ideas:

I've condensed the information a bit~ so you dont see three windows per quest. Just one.

Lots of people need to use LFG at low levels to get groups for altgard/verteron quests, NTC groups,
and help requests. That is why all of these quests are completeable at a very low level, so that
so that when people really start needing to use LFG to look for groups, ask for help, and find legions
they would be able to do so without having to level up really high. However, if by the time they are
level 30, they still haven't finished the World Chat Quests, they will have the LFG chat function
automatically ENABLED for them anyways. This way, people who disike quests can have LFG chat function
still working for them after they have played for a while.

I've read on the forums that NA Aion GMs are currently trying to think of something for the game that
will make botting nearly impossible / will make it easy to automatically catch and ban bots. This could
go hand in hand with the solution I've proposed. People will prove themselves human and not bot, through
the quest chain, and those who manage to bot their way though, will get eradicated anyways.

I dont expect you guys to attempt this solution verbatim, though. I basically just wanted to
put out a very good idea that you can use and modify to make better - a suggestion of how to tell the real
people apart form the bots. If you've read this far, thank you so much for listening!! I hope you consider
it because it would REALLY really work and solve so many of your problems!

In summary, currently there are around 12 gold spamming websites, each botting 6 toons at the same time,
and one of the 6 toons spamming LFG. It takes around 10 minutes to bot from level 1 to 10 and begin the
spam. This allows 12 gold spammers to constantly speak in LFG and have a backup bot start speaking once
the current bot gets banned. People currently need to block around 20 spammers per day, if not more.

With the new system, botting to level 30 would take around 7 days, giving everyone a chance to catch the
botting and stop it. There would barely be a new bot made every day, if at all, as opposed to a new one
every four minutes! And if the gold spammers try doing the quests, instead of leveling to 30, this would
require an actual human to sit at the computer, making it impossible for a gold spamming company to produce 6
bots at a time, therefore also reducing the number of spammers that manage to find their way into LFG.

the stuff BELOW is just the rest of my blog~ disregard it x___x; sorry~
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