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10:45 PM
Construction Master Guide
One of the most costly ingredients of a 400p+ construction master craft is the Major Construction flux. There is an easy way to get them, however, rather than buying them off the broker 3mil a pop. Put some construction flux blooms in the houses of your toons, level 21 and above. These hearthblooms can be purchased in Pernon and Oriel for around 120k each, and last for a month.

I have so many of them, that i've been able to use them around a thousand total times. Here is a chart of the droprate of fluxes from these blooms. This isn't perfectly accurate but will give you a good idea of what you're going to obtain.
3 minor fluxes18.37%
4 minor fluxes18.37%
5 minor fluxes13.63%
2 lesser fluxes11.55%
3 lesser fluxes5.68%
4 lesser fluxes7.2%
1 normal flux6.06%
2 normal fluxes6.06%
3 normal fluxes4.16%
1 greater flux3.41%
2 greater fluxes1.32%
3 greater fluxes1.51%
1 major flux1.32%
2 major fluxes0.75%
3 major fluxes0.6%
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