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Main » 2013 » January » 22 » New cake website coming!!
7:16 AM
New cake website coming!!
Guess what, people :D ??? I'm going to soon transfer this website to a new sexy place <3 and make it even nicer. My new site will be ENDGAME.PK and will have not only aion content but also some content from other PvP games i like ♥
By the way, if you are wondering why the site was down for a couple hours the other day, it was because some pussy tried to report me and say that I have adult content on my site, because I talk about rape. Fortunately for her, she has no idea that the ucoz admins are russians and probably dont even understand what she wrote :P THey just forwarded her email to me. This is the email:

Guess what? My stuff is still up here. The entire thread from aion forums, that was deleted, is still here. Want something REAL to cry about, bitch? go to and look at the animated GIFs they have of people having their skulls crushed. Now THAT is some messed up shit. Be grateful that I'm a nice girl and as far as i'll go is to talk about rape in computer games.
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6 FishKt   (2014-04-13 7:57 AM)
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4 яюb gihz3972   (2013-11-30 2:39 AM) When Omar got into a little trouble, he called me at home

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3 яюb fosv7748   (2013-11-30 2:13 AM) It's very simple

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2 яюb jsa j71105   (2013-11-29 11:48 PM)
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1 яюb ykf z162   (2013-11-29 10:58 PM)
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