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Main » 2012 » December » 16 » deciding on how my 4.0 bard will look like~
6:21 AM
deciding on how my 4.0 bard will look like~

I can't wait to try the new classes in 4.0!! ;w; ... i will make 2 of each (so i can play each class on both factions). Especially the bard sounds really fun o:< they say it's like a cleric and sm rolled together ... whaaattt?? Take the 2 most OP classes and make a NEW ONE out of them! XD .. omggg. Cleric and SM are my favorite classes in aion, anyways o:<

I wanted to try out something fun for this class... i want to make an elyos bard and make it look rreeaallly reeaaallly asmo XD. These two pictures here are my attempt. Not too bad :D I know they'll have cool new hairstyles and faces in 4.0, but it's still so fun to try and decide a bit of the face shape, beforehand.

Has anyone else ever made an elyos that looks asmo?? Post a picture or link in the comments. I really wanna see!!

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